Delilah, Darling...

she decided to free herself,
dance into the wind,
create a new language.
and the birds fluttered around her,
writing "yes" into the sky.

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don’t ever fucking question that.

so i’ve been on a bit of a tumblr hiatus for the past month or so. not really sure why..

i guess it’s just because i totally went tumblr-crazy for a while, then got relly burnt out on it. typical me, all or nothing baby. 

anyway, shit’s been decent. i’ve been in IOP (intensive outpatient) for a few months now. it literally takes up all my fucking time. but that’s okay because it’s keeping me from going back to heroin and i’ve met some bad bitchez there (such as michelle…hope you’re reading this babygirl, i love ya)

ok. i’m done rambling. 

the apocalypse.
I’m breathing in the chemicals.
with what’s written on my heart.
trust no bitch.
la la la la la.
blame it on my ADD baby
blueberry road.
don’t be afraid of what you’ve learned.
even if we’re six feet underground, I know that we’ll be safe and sound.
seven deadly sins
Matthews a Barbie!